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When you need fresh ideas

Online drum tracks


Bronze, 80€/track

-Your demo (mp3) in three different formats: complete track, minus drum track, only drum track

-Tempo, Bit Rate and Sample Rate of your track

-Brief explanation about your sound preferences. Which kind of drums do you like? Send us youtube links, mp3, etc... and tell us exactly what you want



We will discuss all the details via email, skype, etc...


- We will start recording your track/s as soon as possible

- 100% studio gear working, with no restrictions

- Take 1: we will clone your demo drums... with an amazing real sound

- Take 2: it will include some different fresh ideas: fills, patterns, ghost notes...

-Over 10 drumkits, 20 snares and 7 cymbal sets to fit your sound

- Two amazing takes:

   Take 1: cloning your demo drums. Take 2: Including fresh ideas!

- About 18 top quality ready-to-mix tracks (with no EQ, no FX and no compression), via Wetransfer

- Format: .wav or .aiff, compatible with any recording software or DAW

- Data sheet with preamps, mics and converter info

Online drums recording