Es muy sencillo:


1.- Choose one of our offers 

(from 60 euros!)

2. Send us a couple of things that we need to start your recording:


      - Your complete song (mp3).

      - Your song WITHOUT drums (mp3)

      - ONLY your demo drums (mp3)

      - Bit rate and Sample rate you are going to work with (44.1/24, etc...)

      - Tempo (BPM)

      - Tell us what kind of sound would you like    (send us mp3, youtube links...)

3. We will contact you to go on details (email, skype, etc...)

4. We record the drum tracks in our studio.

You will get back 19 .wav or .aiff format high quality tracks, via Wetransfer. The ready-to-mix tracks are compatible with any DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Reaper, etc...) with no EQ, no effects, no compression at all.

Download free drum tracks,

and enjoy mixing!

Online drum tracks

online drum recording